Building A Resilient Core Without Equipment

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Building a resilient core is the key to long term spinal health. This brief downloadable presentation will discuss how a strong healthy core can assist your recovery from low back pain and lead to an enhanced quality of life. Easy to execute exercises that can be performed with no equipment will make this accessible to all.

Female Athletes & Knee Injury Prevention

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Research has shown that female athletes have a 4-6 fold increased risk for ACL injury compared to boys playing in the same sports.  This has been found to be a result of boys increasing their strength and coordination at faster rates than girls do.  Ironically this thought is supported by greater number of boys who participate in commercial sport training programs...

The Bench Press – Quick Read for Healthier Shoulders

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The Bench Press is one of those all time, must have chest and shoulder development movements. It’s also one of those exercises that people tend to push past their limits with too much load andenc unsafe technique. Proper execution will go a long way to ensuring great gains and more importantly to be injury free...

Support for Employee Based Wellness and Fitness Programs

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Employee health promotion programs are based on the theory that it costs less to educate workers about controllable lifestyle health risks than to pay for the cost of ill health and disease. Review of the research reveals current studies that support the following benefits from in-house employee fitness and wellness programs...

7 Habits of Successful Wellness Programs

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Strength Tek receives many requests for information as it pertains to corporate fitness. What makes a great program? What are the components? How do you set it up? Where should the focus be? This article was taken from the web site Career Builder Community. It provides some great information for someone seeking the fundamentals necessary for a great start.

The Cost Efficient On-Site Employee Fitness Facility

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The implementation of an onsite employee fitness facility can seem overwhelming when you begin to investigate fitness equipment, the facility fit-ups, safety and liability concerns, staffing and programming. Often, the individual responsible for researching all of these variables, is left with an impression of excessive start-up costs and a large capital investment – that tend to over shadow the added value that this workplace amenity will offer.

What To Do About In-Season Training For Hockey?

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Now that the hockey season has started, coaches will implement many on-ice drills designed to improve players conditioning, the ability to change direction, accelerate, and plain old overall skating skills. The foundation for all of these physical characteristics are; strength, power, elasticity of muscle, and recovery ability. Many players have just spent the past 4-5 months developing this in the conditioning room.

Help! Managing Your Fitness Center Doesn’t Have to be a Juggling Act

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The high demand for convenient fitness facilities was certainly enough to justify this headline on the cover of On-Site Fitness' premier issue, but it fails to tell the whole story. Your goals involve more than just getting people into your fitness center. Your objectives must also focus on continued participation, motivation, and education.