The Cost Efficient On-Site Employee Fitness Facility

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By Lorne Goldenberg BPE, CSCS, CEP

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You have read the research, you’ve received feedback from your employees, and you have researched what your competitors are doing, and now you need to make a recommendation to your organization regarding the potential of offering an on-site employee fitness facility. But where do you start?

The implementation of an onsite employee fitness facility can seem overwhelming when you begin to investigate fitness equipment, the facility fit-ups, safety and liability concerns, staffing and programming. Often, the individual responsible for researching all of these variables, is left with an impression of excessive start-up costs and a large capital investment – that tend to over shadow the added value that this workplace amenity will offer.

The Options

There are options available to you. When you need a cafeteria or catering services, you consult a food service supplier. Your employee benefits plan is provided by a Group Insurance Company and your security, lawn care, and building maintenance services are also provided by the experts in those industries. Likewise, your employee fitness facility can be managed by the experts in corporate fitness and wellness management.

A company that specializes in the delivery of employee fitness and wellness services can take the guess work out of equipment selection, facility set-up, staffing and programming. Also, these companies should carry liability coverage for all services they provide to take the burden off the employer.

In addition to having the experts provide a top notch service to your employees these companies should also be able to assist in reducing capital cost, start up costs and ongoing management expenses. A service provider, who has maintained several years of operation in this industry typically, has a large network of equipment suppliers, subcontract professionals, and established management practices – all of which results in reduced initial and ongoing costs, as well as a realizing a sooner return on investment.

There is a cost associated with reducing absenteeism, medical and short term disability claims but these expenditures will easily be compensated for by cost sharing initiatives between a service provider and your employees as well as the cost savings and cost avoidance associated with medical claims and absenteeism.

Consultation with an expert in the industry when considering the implementation of on on-site fitness facility will save you time, energy and money. In addition to ensuring your program will meet the needs and goal of your organization and the employees.

Lorne Goldenberg is the President of Strength Tek Fitness Wellness Consultants Strength Tek has been providing fitness and wellness programs to corporations for over 30 years.