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Athletic Conditioning CenterThe Athletic Conditioning Center (ACC) is a subsidiary of Strength Tek. Opened in 1998 by Lorne Goldenberg, the ACC is Ottawa's only training facility dedicated exclusively for athletes. It is fully equipped with weight training machines, Olympic style weightlifting platforms, free weights, unique plyometric equipment for speed and power development, swiss balls for balance and strength, and a full line of cardiovascular equipment for endurance.

The ACC programs are designed for individual athletes and teams. Based on performance evaluations, our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists use specialized skills and expertise to improve your game. Sport-specific conditioning programs are developed around strengths and weaknesses discovered in individual and team performance evaluations. Corrective exercises are designed to correct or improve movement patterns and muscle weakness to strengthen the athlete's game.

Visit the Athletic Conditioning Center Official Website for more information on the Center's programs and facility.


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